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2 min read
Apr 22, 2022

Providing users with the most precise and up-to-date information is one of 2022世界杯买球平台 ’s core values. For the past years, we’ve been constantly expanding our existing databases and adding new locations to the list. 

In January, the number of our supported countries reached 190—we achieved our long-term goal of covering all locations across the world.  

In the last two months, we’ve been working on the major expansion of our US database. We’ve managed to grow it by 30%, and now we have 304mln keywords at your disposal. 

It is the largest database of keywords with traffic potential —we deliberately focused solely on up-to-date keywords that drive traffic as opposed to long-tail queries with zero search volume. As a result, you can find plenty of keywords no other tool in the market offers, both when analyzing competitors or looking for similar queries via Keyword Research.

In the carousel, you can see Competitive Research reports vs other similar tools:

Ikea keywords detected by 2022世界杯买球平台
Ikea keywords detected by Ahrefs
Ikea keywords detected by Semrush

We at 2022世界杯买球平台 do all the crawling and database management on our own—no third parties involved. This allows us to be confident about the data quality as well as to provide our customers with unique insights no other tools possess. 

Larger databases deliver more precise data

And one more thing I want to stress before you proceed to test the updated tool. 

Bigger databases not only bring more keyword opportunities but also ensure data accuracy. It means you get more precise figures on any site’s performance: the amount of traffic it gets, the number of keywords it ranks for, its share of top-ranking keywords, etc.

This in its turn means you can make calculated decisions when it comes to:

  • Assessing how efficient your competitors are
  • Evaluating the performance of a new client’s site 
  • Scoring a guest posting prospect
  • Analyzing the SEO specifics of certain industry

With 2022世界杯买球平台 , you can build data-driven strategies knowing you can trust every stat you see. 

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