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21 min read
Jun 24, 2022

The title tag and meta description are basic but core elements of SEO . And because Google tends to use meta tag content to generate snippets, they can have a direct impact on a searcher’s decision to click through to your website.

But if you think that you can simply write anything you want in your pages’ metadata and search engines will display it word for word in the SERPs, you’ve got another thing coming. Search engines can pull any text from your web pages because they might think it’s more relevant and display that text in the snippet instead. However, there are certain rules that will help you make the most of your tags when it comes to promoting your website.

Similar to a business card, title tags and meta descriptions store data on the content of your pages, and when the time’s right, share that information with both search engines and people. And if you want to please both of them, you simply can’t ignore  title and description tags. Let’s take a look at why metadata is important in SEO and how to use it correctly.

Title tags can impact page rankings

What is a title tag?

The title tag is an HTML element that summarizes the main idea of a web page and is displayed in the SERPs as well as in browser tabs. It is often referred to as the meta title , title tag, or SEO title . It is wrapped into the 2022世界杯买球 (影响力最大的体育平台)_Seranking - All-in-one SEO software

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comments 7
  1. Hey Andrew,
    based on your experience,
    what’s your most performing strategy to increase organic CTR by optimizing title tag or meta description?

  2. On many sites I read about how to write seo-title correctly, but in many respects the situation remained not very clear to me. After reading your article, I received all the answers to the questions that interested me. Thank you, now I can use this information for my site.

    1. Thanks a lot for taking the time to leave a comment, Andy! Glad you found the article useful 🙂

  3. You’ve probably heard this before, but I simply changed the title tag on the website of one of my clients a couple of weeks ago and it went up in rankings. Great content!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Wilfred! CTR does play a huge role because it’s all about the users and what they like/dislike.

  4. Great post, Andrew! I have a blog and optimized meta description on every page. My site ranks higher in google only because of the meta I have optimized properly even without backlinks. I just wanna know that if there is any specific number of focus keywords I could use in meta description? will using many keywords create problems?

    1. Good question, Lucia! You don’t want to stuff keywords into your meta description. If you want your audience to click on your result, it’s better to select the most important one and craft an enticing sentence with it, perhaps even add a call-to-action.

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