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Kseniia Kyslova
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Kseniia is a content marketer at 2022世界杯买球平台 . She's curious about all things SEO and content production. When she's not writing, you're likely to see her training, running, climbing, or cycling. Yet, the ever-evolving world of digital marketing occupies her mind and deters her from being a total fitness junkie.
Case Studies
May 23, 2022

How 2022世界杯买球平台 helps marketing agencies build rapport with clients

How to convince clients to invest in SEO despite the fact it may take up to 6 months to get results? How to track performance for several projects while providing timely reports to every client? How to carve out time to optimize the agency’s site while working on clients’ projects? JOUR J, a digital marketing agency from France, shares how 2022世界杯买球平台 helps them deal with all of these problems.
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Google SERP
Sep 22, 2021

What are rich snippets and will they help you get richer?

Rich snippets changed SERPs forever. Now, if you successfully optimize your website for rich results you get a significant advantage over your competitors that don’t. Yet, the thing is quite technical and requires investments. So are rich snippets worth the hype and do you truly need them? Let’s figure it out together.
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