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Mar 01, 2022

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February, 24, it’s been all over the news. You must have seen videos of the cities being destroyed by missile strikes and shelling, images of people fleeing to neighboring countries or hiding in the shelters, but also the stories of fierce resistance. Both Ukrainian military forces and ordinary people demonstrate incredible courage and keep stalling the advance of the Russian troops. 

A big part of the 2022世界杯买球平台 team are Ukrainians. Some of us have spent days on the road striving to bring our families to a safer place. Some are still in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine, trying to do their daily routine to the sounds of air raid sirens. All of us feel scared and devastated, but also hopeful and strong.

In the past days, we received dozens of support messages from our customers and partners—every such message fills our hearts with faith and determination to withstand. 

Many are willing to help, so we decided to put together a list of options at hand.

  • Or join the fundraising organized by one of the Ukrainian banks (quick payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal):
  • If you have such an opportunity, join thousands of people all over the world protesting against the war in Ukraine. 
  • If not, make a statement on social media. Currently, many governments and international organizations are making decisive steps that help Ukraine in this battle. It happens not only thanks to the efforts of the diplomats but also thanks to millions of voices from all over the world that have been heard. 
  • Finally, send some love to Ukrainians you are personally acquainted with—those living in Ukraine as well as those praying for its future from abroad. Your support heals our broken hearts ❤️

In the meantime, 2022世界杯买球平台 team will be doing its best to provide you with top-quality service. Our servers are located in Germany, they are all up and running, which means you should not face any problems using any of our tools. Our customer care team currently has limited capacities, but we’re trying hard to swiftly respond to all your inquiries. We also keep working on developing the new tools, though at a slightly slower pace.

At the same time, we’ve ceased our operations in Russia—users won’t be able to sign up for 2022世界杯买球平台 , and we won’t be accepting payments from Russian customers.

We’ll keep informing you about the situation on our blog, social media, and via newsletters. Once again, big thanks to all of you for supporting the 2022世界杯买球平台 team.

Today, the whole world stands with Ukrainians, the nation is united as ever, and it means that we have no other choice but to win. 

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comments 61
  1. Thank you for your support!
    Kyiv, Ukraine

  2. Please close all SEMRUSH account if you have

  3. I am devasted what is happening in the Ukraine, we are on the other side of the world, I will help where I can and spread the word under my business associates, colleagues, and friends to sign up to your website and donate. Every bit helps. Every prayer helps. Your are all in our prayers.

  4. Being of Ukrainian descent, I am heart-broken at the devastation that is being done in the Country. Additionally, the tragic loss of Ms Tatiana Perebeinis and her children are horrifying.
    if possible, please send me your corporate address as I would like to send a tribute in their memory.
    God bless the People of Ukraine.

  5. We are MediaOne has already sent a lot of money to UNICEF Children’s Fund. We pray for the children and all Ukranians.

  6. If any of the team or freinds want to come to Manchester, UK – we can host you.

    We have one or two spare rooms in our house and we have a couple of offices you can work in with good internet (when the rooms are not being used for training). Otherwise you can work from home at our house- also good wifi.
    In the UK there is a scheme ‘Homes for Ukraine programme’.

    Under this scheme Britons will be able to sponsor Ukrainians to seek sanctuary in the UK, even if they have no links to Britain.

    We agree to sign up to host a Ukrainian for a minimum of six months and Ukrainians who are given a visa under the scheme will be allowed to remain and work in the UK for up to three years and will have full access to benefits, health care, employment and other support.

    If any of you want to come to Manchester you would be very welcome to stay with

    Just let me know – [email protected] 07793 111717
    Wishing you all the very best.
    Martin and Annie

  7. Denmark raised around 110.000.000 euro last week, funded by our citizens and companies. I hope it can make a difference!
    And hopefully the war will end soon, so we can help rebuilding Ukraine again!

  8. Especially as part of the IT community and most importantly, part of the human race; I am so saddened to hear about your employee Ms. Perebyinis, and her children, along with Anatoly Berezhnyi. I applaud your heartfelt efforts to support your employees, this loss feels personal and heavy. Sending prayers to all affected!

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