SEO Strategy
May 26, 2021

What is SEO?

How do search engines learn about web pages and put them in the search results? What factors are considered when deciding on the order of web pages in the results and what you can do to maximize your chances to be in the top? Finally, what are the benefits of optimizing a website? We explain all these in our introductory post about SEO.
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SEO Strategy
Apr 07, 2021

SEO crash course for new websites

Got a website but Google doesn’t know about it yet? The sooner you take SEO into account, the faster you’ll get the results you need, and save a fortune in the process. Find out how to detect technical issues on your site, how to optimize content and pages for people and search engines, and how to plan your link-building campaign.
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SEO Strategy
Feb 05, 2020

Estimating how long your SEO journey will take

There are just too many things impacting a website’s SEO growth, from the level of competition in your business niche to the volatility of SEO itself. In this post, I’ll outline the major factors that can either speed up or slow you down on your way to reaching your SEO goals. I hope that the different scenarios discussed here will let you understand where your website belongs and how fast you can feel all the benefits of doing SEO.
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SEO Strategy
Jan 16, 2020

Why adding SEO to your startup’s gameplan is a must?

Running a startup means that you dream big and work hard to create an awesome product, but nobody knows about it just yet. This is why SEO exists. It remains a major source of targeted traffic that is also budget-friendly. Learn which other benefits SEO can bring to your startup and how to get started with your SEO journey.
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